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What renovation adds the most value?

Best home improvement projects for return on investment

The following home projects topped the list for highest cost recovery:

Note: Based on data

What Lowers Property Value
– 14 Surprising Factors

Thinking of selling your house? Hidden factors can significantly impact its value. From DIY disasters to surprise neighbors, this guide unveils 14 often-overlooked culprits that can drain your property’s worth


Delayed or Neglected Maintenance


Outdated Kitchens and Bathrooms


Sloppy Home Improvement Projects


Damaged Roof


Mold or Mildew Damage






Unhelpful Tenants

The wrong tenants in your house can deplete the overall home value in several ways:

  • If they don’t treat the property well.
  • If they don’t let realtors and potential buyers in.
  • If they smoke and the property smells bad or weird.

Hopefully, your rental agreement has something in place about how the property should be cared for, what behaviors are or are not allowed, and they’re pleasant to real estate agents and prospective buyers when the time comes to sell.


Natural Disasters


Flood Zones


Changes in the Real Estate Market


Mortgage Rates


Proximity to Things That Look, Smell, or Sound Bad

The location of your home matters. There are a few examples in this list, but there could be more.

Things that look, smell, or sound bad can reduce property value.
Some examples are:

• Landfills
• Power plants
• Strip clubs
• Cemeteries
• Smelly farms
• Registered sex offenders
• Abandoned properties (aka “zombie homes“)
• Factories
• Junkyards


Foreclosures in Your Neighborhood

Foreclosures in your area can reduce the value of your property, especially if an appraiser uses it as a comparable sale (“comp”).

Foreclosures often decrease the value of an area in the buyers’ eyes, especially if the foreclosed property is in shambles.

Note: Based on data